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The Benefits of Ionizers

Why is an XPOWER Scented Air Mover / Ionizer Necessary?

Air conditioners, televisions, clothes dryers, carpet and upholstery are positive-charge producing. In big cities, the concentration of negative ions in the air may only be only one-tenth of that found in the country or in rural settings. XPOWER’s Scented Air Mover / Ionizer serves a dual purpose by neutralizing the air, significantly improving air quality, while scenting the air.


Scented Air Movers – More Than Making Scents

With a keen eye on industry needs while remaining faithful to its tradition of innovation, XPOWER launches its leading-edge line of Scented Air Movers.  Not only does the Scented Air Mover work its regular shift drying floors, paint and other wet areas, it follows up its drying work by adding fragrance into the air. XPOWER […]