XPOWER X-430TF Cage Dryer with Multi Cage Drying Hose Kit

The XPOWER X-430TF Cage Dryer with 430MDK is perfect for busy grooming shops that book too many coated dogs requiring high air volume and hands free drying. Featuring a brushless low maintenance motor; this dryer is durable, lightweight, quiet and powerful, producing up to 2000 cubic feet per minute. This dryer is packed with convenient features such as 3 adjustable speeds, an optional 3 hour timer, safe heat free air, and an easy clean double filter system. Run several of these dryers all day without worry of electrical costs thanks to an energy efficient 3.8 amp draw motor.

The included 430MDK multiple drying hose kit features a lockable adapter collar with three durable 8 ft. x 4.5 inch. flex hoses for multiple cage drying. Three air flow gates with integrated cage attachment clips can easily be opened or closed to direct air flow into only occupied cages. Six hose clamps are included for air flow gates and hose attachment. Hoses are made of highly flexible vinyl with a metal inner support coil to facilitate hose expansion or collapse. Upgrade to the XPOWER 830TF w/MDK dryer for large breed cages requiring maximum CFM performance.

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