XPOWER Freshen Aire P-260AT 1/5 HP 4 Speed Scented Air Mover with Daisy Chain

XPOWER’s Freshen Aire P-260AT air mover offers the same professional performance customers have come to know with XPOWER’s air movers – but with the optional power of scent. A refillable scent cartridge combined with its powerful 1/5 HP motor quickly freshens a room much more effectively than conventional air fresheners. With 4-speed capability, a quiet low speed allows even more controlled scent dispersal.

Weighing in at a little over 10 lbs., this  portable air mover gives you the flexibility to scent areas while ventilating or drying at the same time. Its compact size is ideal for drying tight spaces such as inside crawl spaces and cabinets. Great for home use, carpet cleaners and water damage specialists, this unit features 4 speeds, a 3 hour timer, convenient daisy-chainable power outlet and rugged commercial grade housing. Included is a citrus scented bead sample. Additional fragrances sold separately.