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XPOWER Scented Beads – 8 oz. Refill Pack

Usage Directions:

  1. Use scissors to carefully open pouch
  2. Pour scented beads into scent cartridge from XPOWER Scented Air Movers, filling ¼ of the cartridge
  3. Re-insert the scent cartridge into air mover and turn it on for immediate fragrance
    • Small Room (up to 120 sq. ft.): enjoy approx. 15 Minutes of fragrance at max speed
    • Medium Room (up to 450 sq. ft.): enjoy approx. 25 Minutes of fragrance at max speed
    • Large Room (up to 1800 sq. ft.): enjoy approx. 40 Minutes of fragrance at max speed
  4. Fill cartridge accordingly after first batch loses scent


  1. Store scented beads sealed container (original pouch, glass jar, or stainless steel container) and keep in cool, dry place till next use
  2. Dispose used scented beads in trash after scent dissipates


Do not ingest. Handle scented beads with care. Choking hazard. Keep in sealed container in a cool, dry place, out of reach of children and pets. Seek medical assistance if ingested or if contact with product causes eye or skin irritation.


  • SB-CB-N08 (Citrus Bliss, 8 oz.)
  • SB-FB-D08 (Fresh Breeze, 8 oz.)
  • SB-KL-N08 (Key Lime, 8 oz.)
  • SB-LV-D08 (Lavender Vanilla, 8 oz.)

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