XPOWER B-16S Finishing Dryer

XPOWER B-16S Finishing Stand Dryer


The XPOWER B-16S Finishing Stand Dryer is the big brother to the B-16: we made the best finishing dryer on the market better! The B-16S is an essential hands-free tool for styling and fluffing; Not only does the B-16S boast more heat than the B-16, it also offers an anion anti-static/frizz feature that neutralizes static buildup from brushing, making job completion even faster. Built for years of maintenance-free service, the B-16S has a 10,000-hour brushless DC motor; at 1/4 HP, the motor provides plenty of power and high air volume to dry those difficult coats. Featuring variable speed and variable heat settings, the B-16S gives you complete control of airflow and temperature. The B-16S is constructed with durable and lightweight ABS housing, and the easy-access filter system keeps the dryer running smoothly. The B-16S allows stylists to offer their clients “show quality” results in less time, no matter the coat difficulty.