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XPOWER P-800I Blower w/ Inflatable Adapter (3/4 HP)

The P-800I consists of the XPOWER P-800 air mover with an I (Inflatable) Adapter. These air movers are perfect for inflatables that may require very high CFM but do not need high static pressure. They are perfect for filling up inflatable structures such as crawl-through inflatables or rooftop advertisements very quickly but should not be used with jumper type inflatables that have heavy back pressure. XPOWER blowers are also the quietest and lightest in the market making it a much easier machine to deal with. The P-800I has a powerful ¾ HP motor providing up to 3200 CFM. Also with a low amp draw of 7.5 AMPS at max speed, these machines won’t trip breakers.

XPOWER manufactures centrifugal “snail” fans, axial fans, confined space fans, commercial air purification systems, high static inflatable advertising blowers, and professional pet grooming dryers. All motors and housing for XPOWER equipment are designed and manufactured in-house for optimum performance. Known for its extremely light weight design and durable construction, XPOWER is the preferred brand for professionals of industries such as water damage restoration, construction, jan/san, and carpet cleaning.

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