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Compact & Lightweight

Mini-Series Professional HEPA Air Scrubber

Power in a Small Package

Small but mighty, the Mini-series achieves professional air purification in a super portable compact footprint. Featuring a powerful 1/2 HP external rotor induction motor, these 3 stages or 4 stage commercial purification system produces 550 CFM at only 2.8amps. Developed to restore indoor air quality at a variety of job sites—the HEPA filter effectively removes contaminants such as bacteria, allergens, mold, and sub-micron sized dust with its advanced 3 & 4 stage filtration technology. Stackable and lightweight for easy transport, the rugged Mini-series is ideal for even the toughest water damage restoration and construction jobs.

Setting the Standards

Standard Series Professional HEPA Air Scrubber

600 CFM of Pure Air Cleansing

Developed for the true professionals at heart, our standard size professional HEPA air scrubber sets the industry standard with all the features the pros need on the job site. From 3 to 4 stage filtration, stackable, lightweight, easy carry handle, wrap around cord design, washable pre-filters, foam inlet cap cover (on the X-3400A), and 600 CFM for rapid air change capabilities. At the heart of the unit is a thick commercial quality HEPA air filter capable of capturing 0.3 sized micron particulates at a 99.97% rate. We set the gold standard when it comes to Professional Air Purification.

Commercial Performance with Style

White Series Professional HEPA Air Scrubber

Style Meets Function

When you need powerful and rapid indoor air change and clean air management is vital in your home or office, our White Series delivers commercial performance wrapped in a stylish finish. When clean air matters, the White Series offers powerful CFM found in professional models with low energy consumption and eco friendly on the power bill for a clean work or home environment. White Series offers 3 & 4 stage filtration models available and digital control panel with speed and timer functionality (certain models). Professional performance with a high-end design suitable for hospitals, offices, businesses, and other home/office settings.

Precision IAQ for Big Places

Large Volume HEPA Air Scrubber

Powerful and Clean Air Changes

When large places need fast, efficient, clean air changes, the XPOWER Large Volume HEPA air scrubber is the solution for healthier indoor air quality. Models equipped with precision brushless DC motors for ultimate energy efficiency and powerful CFM performance. Ultra quiet on its low speed and rapid air change on full speed. Equipped with variable speed, pressure gauge, multiple pre filter elements, carbon filter equipped on some models for odor control, and a heavy-duty commercial HEPA air filter for the ultimate in clean and fresh indoor air quality.

Next Level Performance

UV + HEPA Air Scrubber

HEPA Filtered and UV Treated Air Cleaning

Our next generation of HEPA Filtered air purification with dual UV-C Lights to help eliminate germs, bacteria, pathogens, and viruses. Packed with professional features, multistage filtration, easy to maintain, and powerful air changes for healthier indoor air quality.

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